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NACE Calgary ongoing Webinar Series


Earlier in 2020, the NACE program committee suspended all in-person technical luncheons and symposiums for the foreseeable future, due to the pandemic.

However, many people in our industry were and still are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experiences with their peers. With this in mind, NACE Calgary has launched a regularly updated webinar series that features presentations from many top industry minds.

Every 2-3 weeks we have hosted 45-minute sessions with a single presentation and an interactive Q&A session facilitated through a Zoom webinar.

All of the sessions are 100% free to attendees thanks to NACE Calgary’s great sponsors. These webinars have been heavily attended, and we look forward to continuing the webinars in January.

If you are unable to attend but still want to hear the presentation, we have got you covered! NACE Calgary now has its own YouTube channel, and all webinars will be posted to our YouTube channel.


April 30, 2021

Ana Benz

"Tales of Storage Tank Failures, Damage and Inspections"

March 26, 2021

Daniel Fingas

"Integrity Assessments for Buried Facility Pipe"

March 5, 2021

Michael Zhou

"A Geotechnical Case Study – Pipeline Experiencing Slope Movement"

February 12, 2021

Mark Woynarowich

Technology as a Tool (Kaizen)

January 21, 2021

Chukwuma Onuoha

Proven Assessment Strategies for Defeating Time-Dependent Threats in Oil & Gas Pipelines

December 11, 2020

Dr. Frank Cheng

Pipeline Corrosion under AC Interference

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Watch for more details. If you need more information right now, contact Brett Johnson, program@nacecalgary.ca.